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Teaming up for animal health
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Partner in veterinary projects for contract research

For many years, GD Animal Health has been a partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide, by performing in-vivo and in-vitro laboratory and field studies on biologicals and pharmaceuticals for cattle, swine and poultry. These studies are conducted by qualified, specialised and experienced personnel in accordance with international standards (e.g. EP-, VICH- and OIE-guidelines and (inter)national regulations) and may serve for development, registration or marketing of veterinary products. On site, studies are performed in state of the art multidisciplinary laboratories with full scientific support and quality control. Currently, GD is implementing GLP, which is expected to be effective in the first half of 2016. GCP-compliance for studies is already optional. Due to the close contacts between GD with veterinarians and farmers all over the Netherlands, field studies can be enrolled and large amounts of samples and data can be analysed efficiently. For multi-center trials, samples originating from countries in- and outside the EU can be sent to GD as well.

Each study GD performs is customised to the demands of your company. Furthermore, GD can contribute to the development of the experimental design, writing of protocols using (site specific) Data Capture Forms compliant with quality standards of our customer. During each study, regular updates about the progress will be made. After the study, GD can prepare a final report or participate in the preparation of manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.

The portfolio of GD includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Safety and efficacy studies of veterinary biologicals and pharmaceuticals; 
  • Studies to obtain vaccine or challenge-strain candidates; 
  • Quality control tests of final products; 
  • Development of models to demonstrate the efficacy of veterinary biologicals and pharmaceuticals; 
  • Surveys on the prevalence of (emerging) infectious diseases/agents; 
  • Development of courses on subjects chosen by our customers regarding animal health or laboratory techniques.

To have a look at some of our previous studies, please visit our Scientific Posters page.

For more information about the possibilities at GD for your company, please contact us at 
0031 570 63 33 91 or via email. 

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