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Teaming up for animal health
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Five-day training in the Netherlands

Training Course Poultry Health, Climate and Feed

Are you looking for both a theoretical as well as a practical poultry training to expand your knowledge? GD Animal Health and PTC+ Training Center provide a training on Poultry Health, Climate and Feed at a basic level.

This training is organized in order to offer a practical and interactive training. The training includes lectures, practical trainings, demonstrations and case studies. The lectures at GD Animal Health will include topics like biosecurity, monitoring and eradication programs. Interpretation of lab results will also be covered, as well as intestinal and respiratory diseases. Besides lectures also cases, post mortem and sampling techniques demonstrations are part of the program. During the days at PTC+ the focus will be on climate, feed and housing. Next to lectures, a practical training on poultry house climate will be given.
The training will be conducted in English.

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Target audience

The program is specifically developed for poultry veterinarians at the beginning of their career, poultry farm managers, and other interested parties. 

Program 11-15 September 2017: 

  • Opening and Introduction of GD and PTC+
  • Introduction of the Dutch poultry industry: facts and figures
  • Prevention, control and monitoring systems of listed poultry diseases
  • Biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection
  • Intestinal health 
  • Pathology, post mortem and sampling techniques demonstration
  • Recognize respiratory poultry diseases (part I)
  • Immunology
  • Inclusion nutrients in digestive system
  • Developments in feed formulation
  • Factory: particle size and pellet, crumb or flour
  • Practical training on poultry house climate 
  • Recognize respiratory poultry diseases (part II)
  • Specific intestinal diseases
  • Coccidiosis
  • Interpretation laboratory results
  • Case study

€ 2.495,- ex VAT, including: hotel, breakfast, coffee/tea, lunch, transport to GD and PTC+, and course materials.

In our GD Update magazine, you can read an article about this training. You can view it online.

Please find additional conditions regarding hotel, closing date and transport here

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The closing date of this training is 6 August 2017.

Any questions about this course?
Please feel free to contact us for more information!
T. 0031 570-660344

" We
teach participants practical insights, tools they can use when they get home "
Naomi de Bruijn - Veterinarian Poultry Health Department Read interview