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Teaming up for animal health
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International training in the Netherlands

Pig Health Training

Are you looking for a basic level training in the field of Pig Health? GD Academy organizes a five-day training on pig health from 25 to 29 September 2017. At the end of the week you really will be updated on the foremost porcine health issues. We will focus on making evidence based diagnoses of pig health problems, using practical examples and case histories.


25-29 September 2017, Deventer, the Netherlands

Target audience

Veterinarians and other health consultants in the pig industry.


The training will be conducted in English.

Subjects that will be covered are:

  • intestinal problems, both infectious and non-infectious
    • Overview of intestinal problems with focus on proper diagnostic procedures; case histories
  • respiratory diseases 
    • Overview of respiratory diseases with focus on proper diagnostic procedures; case histories
  • indoor climate control 
    • Importance of good indoor climate in relation to health issues like respiratory diseases, but also reproductive problems;
    • Modern techniques to measure indoor climate
  • biosecurity 
    • Importance of external and internal biosecurity in relation to health issues, e.g. PRRS, streptococcus infections
    • Useful, practical hygiene measurements.
  • reproductive problems
    • Focus on causes / risk factors of abortions and farrowing problems (management, feed); diagnostic procedures; case histories
  • locomotion 
    • Infectious and non-infectious causes of lameness; metabolic diseases, osteochondrosis, arthritis; focus on diagnostic procedures; case histories
  • emerging diseases
    • E.g. PRRS, PCV-AD
Health problems will also be debated based on case histories and in relation to prudent use of antibiotics.  

Please view the training program here


An important part of the course will be the post mortem examinations and histopathology. We will pay attention to the interpretation of laboratory results, serology as well as biochemistry. A visit to a state of the art Dutch pig farm is included in the course. 


All presentations will be given by pig health specialists, pathologists and specialised laboratory veterinarians working at the pig health department of GD Animal Health.


€ 2.495,- including: hotel, breakfast, coffee/tea, lunch, transport to GD and the hotel, and course materials.

Please find additional conditions regarding hotel, transport and billing here

The closing date for entry into this training is Friday 18 August 2017.

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Read this interview about our Pig Health training, held in February 2017. This article was published in our Update magazine.