Manon Houben, DVM


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''As a European pig health specialist I have been committed to improve swine health for years, in the interest of animals, human health and the environment. I see animal health as the precondition for continuing to produce pigs and pork. GD also keeps a close eye on the health of animals in the Netherlands through animal health monitoring. In this way we can receive signals about animal health as early as possible and, if necessary, take immediate action.'' Manon Houben


Manon Houben

I have been working as a pig veterinarian for over twenty years. Since 2017 I am proud to be able to call myself a registered European Specialist in pig health management. In 1997 I started as a veterinarian in a mixed practice where I was supporting pig farmers. After four years I made the switch to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. During these years it became increasingly clear to me at that improving health in a sustainable way a holistic approach of the farm is the only way. This resulted in the establishment of PorQ, a veterinary consultancy in pig farming, which focuses on health instead of disease and on prevention and hygiene instead of cure.

I currently work as manager of the swine health department of Royal GD. Here I support, together with a team of veterinarians and the laboratory, Dutch veterinarians and pig farmers in the care of the health of their pigs.


Field of expertise:

  • Piglet vitality
  • Farrowing house and lactation management
  • Biosecurity, hygiene
  • Production management


Manon Houben has produced a variety of publications.

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