Bibliography Manon Houben


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Bibliography Manon Houben

Scientific publications

  1. The ADKAR® change management model for farmer profiling with regard to antimicrobial stewardship in livestock production. Houben MAM, Caekebeke N, van den Hoogen A, Ringenier M, Tobias TJ, Jonquiere FJ, Sleeckx N, Velkers FC, Stegeman JA, Dewulf J, Postma M. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift, 2020
  2. Comparing farm biosecurity and antimicrobial use in high antimicrobial consuming broiler and pig farms in the Belgian-Dutch border region, Nele Caekebeke, Franca J Jonquiere, Moniek Ringenier, Tijs Tobias, Merel Postma, Angelique van den Hoogen, Manon Houben, Francisca C Velkers, Nathalie Sleeckx, Arjan J Stegeman, Jeroen Dewulf, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, section Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, 2020

  3. Molecular characterization of type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses (PRRSV) isolated in the Netherlands from 2014 to 2016. Dortmans, J. C. F. M., Buter, G. J., Dijkman, R., Houben, M., & Duinhof, T. F. (2019). Plos one, 14(6), e0218481.

  4. Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) introduction into a naive Dutch pig population in 2014. Dortmans, Jos & Li, Wentao & Van der Wolf, Peter & Buter, G.J. & Franssen, P.J.M. & van Schaik, Gerdien & Houben, M & Bosch, B.J. (2018). Veterinary Microbiology. 221.

  5. The effect of double nursing, an alternative nursing strategy for the hyper-prolific sow herd, on herd performance. M.A.M. Houben, Manon & Tobias, Tijs & M. C. Holstege, Manon. Porcine Health Management. (2017) (1)

  6. Water palatability, a matter of taste, M.A.M. Houben, A. van Nes, T.J. Tobias, Porcine Health Management 2015 (1)

  7. Dose-Response Relationship between Antimicrobial Drugs and Livestock-Associated MRSA in Pig Farming. Alejandro Dorado-García , Wietske Dohmen, Marian E.H. Bos, Koen M. Verstappen, Manon Houben, Jaap A. Wagenaar, and Dick J.J. Heederik, Emerging Infectieus Diseases, 2015 (21), 6

Key note lectures

  1. MRSA in pigs and humans, 25th annual meeting of AI-vets. Helsinki 2014

  2. Antibiotic free pork production, 4th ESPHM, Brugge 2012

Oral and poster presentations at (inter)national conferences

  1. Prevalence of stomach lesions in finisher pigs and sows at slaughter in the Netherlands (2017 compared to 1990 and 2010) ESPHM 2018. T. Geudeke, M. Houben.

  2. Mucosal infection with clinical streptococcus suis serotype 9 strain isolate can induce severe disease. ESPHM 2018. M. Houben, e. Van engelen, a. De greeff, n. Stockhofe-zurwieden, a. Wientjes.

  3. Tailor-made coaching for antimicrobial reduction in pig farms within the belgium – dutch cross border project; i-4-1-health ESPHM 2018 A. Van den hoogen, M. Ringenier, N. Caekebeke, F. Velkers ,T. Tobias ,M Postma ,M. Houben ,J. Zoons ,N. Sleeckx ,C. Verhulst ,M. Kluytmans-van den bergh ,C. Lammens ,J. Dewulf, A. Stegeman.

  4. Genetic diversity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus genetic diversity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) isolates in the Netherlands from 2014-2016. ESPHM J. Dortmans, R.Buter, R.Dijkman, T.Duinhof, M.Houben.

  5. Belly nosing in group housed sows results in functional teat loss, (IPVS 2016 Oral presentation) 2015 Inactivation of PRRSv by on board heating in trucks is feasible for daily routine in pig transport. Tom Duinhof, Arie van Nes, Manon Houben, ESPHM 2015

  6. Regional PRRSv control program in the Netherlands. Houben M.A.M., Duinhof T., van Dam B., ESPHM 2014. (oral presentation)

  7. Ulcerative dermatitis of the mammary gland., Houben M.A.M. and van Leengoed L.A.M.G., ESPHM 2014 (oral presentation)

  8. The taste of water., Tobias T.J., van Nes A., Houben M.A.M., IPVS and ESPHM 2014

  9. Economic evaluation of two PRRSv-elimination strategies for an endemic infected multiplier pig farm using Monte Carlo simulation., Tobias, T.J., Gonggrijp, M.A., Houben, M. and Hogeveen, H. ISVEE 2012

  10. First record of a clinical outbreak of EMCV in The Netherlands, M.A.M. Houben et al, IPVS 2010 (oral presentation)

  11. Outbreak and fade out of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus in a Dutch SPF-herd: role of vaccination and strict hygienic procedures, M. A.M. Houben et al, IPVS 2010

Other articles

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