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Each year, dozens of people from all over the world visit GD Animal Health for special training programmes. They all have their own expertise and perspective on animal health. Brian Arinaitwe, a field veterinarian from Uganda, is one of them. He participated in a custom-made Ruminants Health training, which we developed in partnership with Zoetis Egypt. and would like to share something about his experience.

What is your main expertise?

“I’m a Field Veterinarian at Zoetis with more than seven years of extensive experience in implementing and developing strategies, with a main focus on African Livestock Productivity and Health Advancement. These strategies result in desirable changes among the rural livestock farming families in Uganda. We try to direct the veterinary diagnostics and animal health outreach services in Uganda and our main goal is to meet in-country animal health and business needs.”

What did you hope to learn during the course?

“The content of the course immediately had my interest. I’m very studious, so when I see an opportunity to learn something, I grab it. What attracted me most about the course was the theme of ‘How to manage and diagnose various ruminant diseases and other conditions’. This year, my focus was on udder health. So the information about IBR, BVD and calving management was very relevant.”

“When I see an opportunity to learn something, I grab it!”

It wasn’t your first course at GD Animal Health. Why did you decide to come back?

“Last year, I followed my first course at GD Animal Health and that was a success. I came back home with confidence and was able to teach others what I have learned. So when I saw that this course offered various topics, I wanted to acquire more detailed knowledge. And I don’t regret it. I learned a lot, again. Next time, if some other topics are covered, I will definitely be back.” 

Was the course what you expected?

“There is a high level of training here and the organisation is really good. You receive information before you arrive, so you can read it in advance. The new e-learning is also nice; you can download a lot of information for preparation. I do prefer to actually have contact with the teacher/presenter rather than simply on my screen.”

Why should other people come to GD Animal Health and its Academy?

“They should come to GD Animal Health if they want to be better at what they are doing and if they want to do their work the way it should be done. I know how much you learn from attending training courses. I am going to recommend the ‘Poultry course’ to my cousin, for example. Together we can team up for animal health worldwide.”

Dairy Course - Brian Arinaitwe


Interested in a training?

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Want to know more about the possibilities for our custom-made courses? Contact our GD Academy.


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