Projects in Suriname and Russia


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GD Animal Health has assisted in projects and transferred knowledge to Suriname and Russia. In Suriname, GD Animal Health assisted in a project to establish a national veterinary laboratory that had the ability to support the Ministry for Agriculture and Food with monitoring of OIE-listed diseases. This laboratory must support the veterinarians in diagnosing animal health problems and thus improving animal production. 

Within a consortium of three partners, GD Animal Health provided experts in the field of laboratory diagnosis, veterinary epidemiology and animal diseases. Over a period of 15 months the following subjects were addressed:

  • Developing a veterinary laboratory, including the design, the list of required equipment and assistance with the building process
  • Training laboratory staff in techniques for serology, molecular-biology (PCR), bacteriology and quality management
  • Assisting the Ministry of Agriculture with the design and implementation of an animal health monitoring programme by performing a risk assessment to establish which diseases were most important to be included in a survey
  • Assisting in establishing the animal health monitoring programme, including the design of a baseline study based on epidemiological principles

In Russia GD Animal Health also has set up a veterinary laboratory together with FL Test-Pushchino. The set-up of this lab was part of a project of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The FL Test-Pushchino lab was an existing lab focused primarily on food and feed research, but aiming to expand on the diagnosis of veterinary diseases. Diagnostic test methods on serology (poultry, swine and cattle) and PCR methods (swine and poultry) were implemented. In addition, the lab was trained to implement the ISO17025 Quality System.

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