PRRS control programme


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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is a complex disease, highly prevalent in pig herds worldwide. PRRS is difficult to control and eradicate with available vaccines. Controlling the disease is important in order to limit economic damage as this virus has a negative effect on reproduction and mortality, growth rates and feed conversion. Royal GD offers a tailormade PRRS control and eradication programme. The first step is the PRRS scan which offers insight into PRRS status and is a helpful control tool

Why participate?

  • Control the PRRS virus and to reduce costs.
  • Produce PRRS virus-free piglets. 
  • Eradicate the virus from the herd.

What sampling is involved?

  • Analysis of 30 blood samples per month taken from 9- or 10-week-old piglets.
  • Weekly PCR testing of processing fluids (from castration transudate serum) for the virus. Antibody testing is also possible. The results enable us to categorise the herd, progressing from high prevalence, through low prevalence, to unsuspected and finally PRRS-free status.
  • Monthly cross-sectional oral sampling of variously aged animals through the life cycle.

How you get advised

  • Monthly report of the PRRS status of the pig herd in clear charts and figures. Advice on how to improve the herd status from Stage 0 (PRRS positive) to Stage 5 (unsuspected).
  • GD experts visit the herd and design a tailormade plan to reduce and control PRRS transmission. Biosecurity advice is based on detailed farm visit findings. We continue to monitor the results, tracking eradication progress using a historical comparison with benchmark farms and situations.
  • Follow-up of results provided 4 times per year. The monthly results and an evaluation of the herd status are discussed every quarter. We will advise you of any changes and can provide certification.

Our experts


Karlijn Eenink, DVM

I graduated as a veterinarian from Utrecht University in 2017, specialising in farm animals, and subsequently spent a very enjoyable 4 years working as a swine veterinarian in the field. In March 2021, I switched to Royal GD. Here I work as a swine veterinarian to improve pig health in the Netherlands, on the borderline of research and practice.

Fields of expertise and publications


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