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GD Animal Health is continuously developing new proficiency testing schemes. Please consult the time schedule below to find all important dates for the upcoming PTS. GD Animal Health can also set up proficiency testing schemes for third parties or in cooperation with third parties.

You can click on the name of the PTS to open the information sheet. 

ISO 17043:2010 accredited

PTS with an asterix (*) are accredited according to the international standard ISO 17043:2010.

New PTS in 2019

Our new tests for 2019 are indicated with a bold category number.

Cat. no.  Proficiency testing scheme Closing date registration  Shipment samples  Closing date submission test results Final report + certificate 
Round 1
VLDIA234*  PTS PRRSV antibody detection January 4 Week 4  March 15 Week 19
PTS PRRS virus detection 
VLDIA225*  PTS IBV antibody detection
VLDIA296*  PTS IB virus detection
Round 2
PTS App antibody detection February 1 Week 8 April 12 Week 23
PTS PCV2 detection
PTS Mycoplasma (Mg/Ms) antibody detection
PTS Mycoplasma (Mg/Ms) bacteria detection
Round 3

PTS MAP antibody detection (serum)

March 1 Week 12 May 10
Week 27
VLDIA337* PTS MAP antibody detection (milk)
VLDIA338* PTS MAP antibody detection (milk and serum)
VLDIA322  PTS MAP detection
PTS NDV antibody detection
PTS ND virus detection
PTS EDS antibody detection
Round 4
PTS IBDV antibody detection (Gumboro) 
March 22
Week 15
May 31
Week 30
PTS IBD virus detection (Gumboro) 
PTS BVD virus and antigen detection
PTS SRLVs (MVV/CAEV) antibody detection
Round 5
PTS Bacterial Identification cattle  April 26 Week 20  June 21 Week 31
PTS Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains cattle
PTS Bacterial Identification poultry
VLDIA324  PTS Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains poultry
VLDIA323 PTS Bacterial Identification companion animals
VLDIA324 PTS Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains companion animals
Round 6
PTS aMPV antibody detection (TRT) August 16
Week 36
October 25
Week 51
VLDIA277* PTS ARV antibody detection (REO)
PTS ILT antibody detection
PTS CAV antibody detection 
VLDIA333  PTS IBR antibody detection (serum)

PTS IBR antibody detection (milk)


PTS IBR antibody detection (milk and serum)

 Round 7
 VLDIA232* PTS AI antibody detection September 6 Week 39 November 15 Week 3, 2020
 VLDIA327 PTS AI virus detection 
 VLDIA233 PTS Salmonella poultry antibody detection
 VLDIA171* PTS Salmonella porcine antibody detection
 VLDIA295* PTS SIV antibody detection
 Round 8
 VLDIA323 PTS Bacterial Identification cattle September 27  Week 42  November 22 Week 2, 2020 
 VLDIA324  PTS Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains cattle
 VLDIA323  PTS Bacterial Identification companion Swine
 VLDIA324 PTS Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains swine

More information


+31 (0)570-63 33 91

"Good results and Certificate of participation in PTS organised by GD Animal Health is a great evidence of our competence for ourselves, for accreditation bodies and for our customers."

Irina Sobko,
Centre of Veterinary Diagnostics, CVD 
(Ukraine, Kyiv)   References

"Thanks to our participation in GD's Animal Health PTS, we as a laboratory are able to monitor, assess and where necessary improve the performance of our lab using a large number of tests."

Dr. Ellen Van Driesschen,
Dierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen References

PTS team

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