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For molecular diagnostic testing

FTA cards

An FTA card is a chemically treated filter paper designed for the collection of biological samples for subsequent DNA and RNA analysis. Special chemicals help to protect the DNA and RNA in addition to deactivating most harmful bacteria and viruses. FTA cards use FTA technology.

Sampling and purification

FTA technology simplifies the collection of biological samples and the purification of nucleic acids at room temperature. Following a few simple purification steps, DNA and RNA remains bound to the matrix of FTA cards, which can then be used directly for downstream applications. FTA chemistry has been optimized to lyse cells and denature proteins upon application of the biological sample onto the card to protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidation and UV damage. After drying, the released nucleic acids remain immobilized in the fibres of the matrix and are preserved for transport and later processing.

Advantages FTA cards

Submitting samples on FTA paper is easy and fast and samples can be submitted to our laboratory from any country.
The main benefits of using FTA cards are:
• No import permit is needed
• Submitting samples via regular post
• Low transportation costs
• Transportation at room temperature
• No risk for spreading infectious agents due to the chemicals included

Use of FTA cards is not recommended for monitoring, certification programs or assessment of disease free-status. FTA cannot be used to culture bacteria or viruses.

Taking samples

To obtain a sufficient amount of material for testing, press the inside of a cut slice of the tissue firmly on the FTA card or press the swab firmly on the FTA card. The FTA cards can be used with various tissue samples, swabs or blood (one spot can capture 500 μl whole blood). When there is a sufficient amount of material on the FTA card, the card will turn from pink to white. Allow the samples to dry at room temperature and normal humidity. Always wear gloves when handling the FTA cards to avoid contamination. Please label each spot with a code used for the identification of the sample.

Store unused cards in a dry, cool place and avoid humidity.

Ordering FTA cards

Please contact us if you want to order FTA cards. 

Submitting FTA cards

FTA cards can be submitted by post. The only document you should include is a GD submission form on which you mark the required analysis.
You can find all submission forms here.

Before submitting the FTA card(s), please make sure you put the dried samples through a microwave treatment. FTA cards should be heated for twenty seconds at 900 watt to inactivate any possible viruses.

Please submit FTA cards to:

GD Animal Health
Attention: CMD
Arnsbergstraat 7
7418 EZ Deventer
The Netherlands

Available tests

The following (RT-) PCR tests are available for poultry when sending samples by FTA card:

GD Catalogue  no.  (RT-) PCR test  Material  Lead time in working days  Unit 

Aviadeno (Group I)* + Siadenovirus  (Haem. Ent. Virus) PCR  Organ samples (liver), cloacal samples  Per pool 
*If Aviadeno PCR positive, the following test will be carried out: 10712 Aviadenovirus Group I genotyping 

Aviadeno (Group I)* + EDS-76 virus PCR  Organ samples (liver), cloacal samples  Per pool 
*If Aviadeno PCR positive, the following test will be carried out: 10712 Aviadenovirus Group I genotyping 
10650  Avian Influenza virus  Tracheal, cloacal samples  Per sample
10702  Reovirus  Cloacal samples or duodenum/jejenum; qualitative results Per pool

IB-virus*  Tracheal, kidney, cloacal samples  14  Per pool
*If RT-PCR positive, the following test is carried out: 10606 Infectious bronchitis (IB) virus sequencing 
IB genotype specific RT-PCR’s for Massachusetts and 793B  Trachea, kidney, cloacal samples, quantitative results  14   Per sample

IBD- virus (Gumboro)*  Bursa  14 Per pool
*If positive, the following test will be carried out: 10630 Gumboro (IBD) genotyping by sequencing 
10681  ILT-virus  Trachea  7 Per pool
Avian metapneumovirus (TRT) virus (subtypes A,B and C)  Trachea, nasal saliva  Per pool

Intestinal viruses package containing: Chicken Astrovirus 2
Chicken Astrovirus 3
Rotavirus A
Rotavirus D
Cloacal samples duodenum/ jejenum, kidney; quantitative results


Per pool

Coryza (Avibacterium paragallinarum)  Sinus samples  Per pool
Mycoplasma gallisepticum (general)  Trachea  3 Per pool 

Mycoplasma synoviae + MSH (differentiating vaccine from field strain)  Trachea  Per pool