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Please find the available documents used for submitting samples below. You can find our instructions in the column "Submitting samples instructions" on the right. 
If the submitted samples do not comply with the import procedures, we are not allowed to accept and process the samples. If you have any queries about submitting samples, please contact us.

Use our online tool to find our which document(s) is/are needed for your samples.

What document(s) do I need?

First time submitting

If it is the first time you will submit samples to us, please also fill out the registration form and add this to the shipment or email it to us in advance.

Submission forms

Please make sure you also add the 'Commercial document animal by-products' when submitting from EU countries.

Commercial document animal by-products

For the transport of animal by-products and dirived products not intended for human consumption in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 within European Union.
The yellow marked fields are obliged.


  • GD Diagnostics order form 


Health status form (swine)

For addition of imported pigs into herds certified by GD Animal Health in the Netherlands.


GD Animal Health is now offering the possibility to receiving your GDinvoices in PDF format via email. The advantage of E-invoicing is receiving your GD invoices faster and more reliably than via regular mail.

Samples may be submitted to the following address

GD Animal Health
Attn. CMD
Arnsbergstraat 7
7418 EZ Deventer