Katrien van den Brink, DVM


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Katrien van den Brink, DVM


Katrien van den Brink Katrien van den Brink studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University. After graduation in Utrecht she had  a broad working experince in different area’s in de dairy business. she started her carreer working in large animal practice (mainly dairy), with specific interest in disease-prevention en dairy cattle management. After a few years in dairy practice she went back to the veterinary faculty, where she was a lecturer/ researcher at the Department of Farm Animal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. As an innovation manager she worked at the researchfarm for the Aeres University of Applied Science. Next to teaching and pracital on farm training she played a big rol in different research projects. Since 2018 Katrien works as a dairy specialist at GD Animal Health in Deventer, the Netherlands. Her main focus areas are disease prevention, biosecurity and control of bovine infectious diseases, especially BVD, IBR and Leptospirosis.

Fields of expertise 

  • Animal welfare
  • Bluetongue
  • Infectious disease BVD
  • Infectious disease IBR
  • Leptospirosis


  • van den Brink K.M.J.A., Santman-Berends I.M.G.A., Harkema L., Scherpenzeel C.G.M., Dijkstra E., Mars M.H., Holwerda M., v.d. Heuvel N., Spierenburg M.A.H., van den Brom R. Uitbraak van blauwtong serotype 3 in Nederland. Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde 2023, 148, 45-49.
  • van den Brink KMJA, Aalberts M, Fabri ND, Santman-Berends IMGA. Effectiveness of the Leptospira Hardjo Control Programme and Detection of New Infections in Dairy Cattle in The Netherlands. Animals (Basel). 2023 Feb 24;13(5):831. doi: 10.3390/ani13050831. PMID: 36899688; PMCID: PMC10000230.
  • Aalberts, Mvan den Brink, Kvan den Heuvel, Kvan Wuijckhuise, LLeptospira Hardjo introduction in certified-free herds in the NetherlandsVet Rec Case Rep2021;e169. https://doi.org/10.1002/vrc2.169.
  • Santman-Berends IMGA, Mars MH, Weber MF, van Duijn L, Waldeck HWF, Biesheuvel MM, van den Brink KMJA, Dijkstra T, Hodnik JJ, Strain SAJ, de Roo A, Veldhuis AMB, van Schaik G. Control and Eradication Programs for Non-EU Regulated Cattle Diseases in the Netherlands. Front Vet Sci. 2021 Aug 18;8:670419. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2021.670419. PMID: 34490388; PMCID: PMC8418201.

Oral presentations

  • Inge Santman Berends & Katrien van den Brink; keynote lecture: Bluetongue in the Netherlands 2023, ‘Lessons learned so far”. Epidays 2023, 8 november 2023, Friedrich Loeffler Institut, Germany.
  • van den Brink KMJA, Aalberts M, Mars J, Waldeck HWF. Leptospira Hardjo control programme in the Netherlands. Stendaler Symposium Tierseuchen und Tierschutz beim Rind, 30 march 2023, Stendal, Germany.
  • van den Brink KMJA, Aalberts M, and van Wuijkhuise L., Leptospira Hardjo re-introduction in a certified-free herd in The Netherlands. Proceedings of the World Buiatrics Congress, 8 september 2022, Madrid, Spain 2022.

Scientific posters

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