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What we do

Royal GD in Deventer is an innovative company, active in the Dutch and international markets, with an annual turnover of around 50 million euros. Along with animal owners, veterinary practices, governments and businesses, around 400 employees work daily on the health of livestock and companion animals.

The heart of our company is formed by one of the largest veterinary laboratories in the world. In addition, GD has a team of veterinarians, specialists and scientists to perform monitoring, applied research and development programmes for disease prevention and control. 


Leading role in animal health

GD is a leading organisation in animal health and animal production. It supports industrial customers, governments, veterinarians and farmers by providing animal health programmes, consultancy and laboratory diagnostic services. GD is unique in combining expertise in the field of animal health management with expertise in laboratory diagnosis. We employ poultry, ruminant and pig experts as well as microbiologists and chemists. In addition, GD combines monitoring and eradication of diseases with practical research projects to identify emerging diseases and develop new laboratory tests.

Research and development

L120-color-enIn order to serve our clients in the best possible way, GD maintains its status as one of the leading organisations in the field of animal health. The laboratory is one of largest and most modern laboratories in the world. The GD laboratory has been ISO 17025 accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Board (RvA) for a large number of laboratory tests (registration number L120 Testing). Our employees are international experts in the fields of pathology, histopathology, microbiology, virology, molecular-biology, serology, chemistry and toxicology. This ensures state-of-the-art techniques and methods.


GD employs specialised veterinarians and other experts. These experts support farmers and veterinary practitioners with specific disease problems. GD also successfully assists farmers with improving milk quality, stable climate-control and feeding. Added value for you as a client is that GD not only provides laboratory test results, but also has the know-how to interpret results and give proper advice. Finally GD provides experts for national and international projects on animal health, laboratory methods including quality management and data management. Consultants of GD have extensive international experience in many countries all over the world.

International focus

GD acts as partner in many international projects related to animal health, such as disease-control programmes, monitoring programmes, the establishment of veterinary diagnostic labs, and lab capacity building projects. GD has been active in eastern and central Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, Ireland, Finland and Russia. Successful projects include disease (mastitis) control programmes, risk-analysis studies, epidemiological studies, legal aspects of food safety related to animal products, IT infrastructure, capacity building of veterinary diagnostic laboratories and training of vets and laboratory staff.

Transfer of knowledge and capacity building can be based on cooperation contracts per module. Custom-made modules are also possible, as requirements may differ per lab or country. The aim of our cooperation or partnership is to strive for long-lasting support relationships (long-term contracts).


GD plays a major role in monitoring animal diseases in the Netherlands. Our experts take part in on-site inspections in case of notifiable diseases, like FMD, CSF and AI. Information relevant for monitoring programmes is collected from the laboratory and farm visits and processed in expert systems and reported to the government. By working together with the government and other parties, we can guarantee animal health and food safety.

Providing services and training courses

GD serves its partners with expertise, insight and resources. Our tailor-made solutions represent genuine added value, allowing the client to focus on his core competences. GD not only has the know-how to improve animal health. We also offer extra services, such as a collection service for samples and autopsy material, and regular training courses. GD also gives training courses for vets and lab staff. Training sessions related to animal diseases and theoretical and practical courses on the implementation of veterinary diagnostic lab-test methods are also possible. 

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