Dairy Training; optimizing performance! 


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Control and prevention of health disorders by optimizing treatment plans, nutrition, housing and management.

What could you do to improve the technical results and the performance of your young stock and dairy cows? Can health disorders, growth and performance be optimized in your young stock rearing facility? Is there room for improvement in controlling infectious diseases, fertility, sub- and clinical mastitis, nutrition or other management issues at your dairy facilities? These topics and more are highlighted in the 5-day Dairy training.

You will work in small groups, so there is plenty of room to ask questions. After the course you can bring the learned into practice to improve your dairy operation performance. In this way the course will pay off directly in a better cow health and a better return of investment of your operation.


  • Infectious diseases like BVD; IBR; Leptospirosis etc.
    Control and monitoring programs.
  • Udder health
    Milking techniques, treatment of (sub)clinical mastitis, antibiotic residues.
  • Nutrition
    Impact of dry matter intake on cow performance, optimization of rumen function and control and prevention of subacute rumen acidosis (SARA).
  • Metabolic disorders
    Transition management, hypocalcaemia prevention.
  • Rearing young stock
    Colostrum management, nutrition, hygiene, housing and gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Fertility
    Fertility parameters and how to improve and analyse (in)fertility at farm level.

Target audience

This training program is specially developed for:

  • managers of large scale dairy farms;
  • technical managers;
  • dairy veterinarians
  • other interested parties related to advising large scale dairy farms.

This training will be conducted in English. Therefore good knowledge of the English language both written and oral is expected.

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