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Are you looking for both a theoretical as well as a practical poultry training to expand your knowledge? Join our Poultry Health, Climate and Feed Training from March 25-29, 2019.

Topics like biosecurity, respiratory and intestinal health, pathology, feed formulation, poultry house climate will be covered. We work together with Aeres Training Centre International (ATCI); they use a practical approach to training. Our lectures, post mortem and case studies combined with their hands-on training makes this a complete program.


  • Prevention, control and monitoring systems of listed poultry diseases
    Possibilities and consideratons in prevention and control and current status of listed diseases. 
  • Biosecurity, cleaning, and disinfection
    General principles and considerations related to biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of poultry farms. 
  • Intestinal health
    General lecture on intestinal health and how it relates to production and disease in poultry.
  • Post Mortem and Sampling Techniques
    Practical training on how to perfom post mortem examination and how to take samples.
  • Immunology
    General lecture on the principles of the avian immune system and how it relates to therapy and prevention of disease. 
  • Gumboro
    Lecture on infectious bursal disease (IBD or Gumboro)
  • Interpretation of laboratory results
    Lecture on how to interpret results of different tests, like serology and molecular diagnostics.
  • Respiratory poultry diseases
    General lecture on how to recognize respiratory diseases, like Avian Influenza (AI) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB).
  • Coccidioses
    Lecture on coccidia, the problems they may cause and how to prevent or treat them with different coccidiostats or coccidiocids. 
  • Cases
    Interactive session focused on a disease problem, consisting of analysis, interpretation and diagnosis and designing an action plan. 
  • Laboratory tour
    A physical tour of the laboratory facility in Deventer.
  • Aeres Training Centre: feed, factory, climate
    Practical and theoretical session on feed, manufacturing feed and climate on poultry farms. 

Target audience

  • poultry veterinarians at the beginning of their career (1-4 years)
  • poultry farm managers
  • technical managers
  • other interested parties

This training will be conducted in English. Therefore good knowledge of the English language both written and oral is expected.


€2.495,- (excl. VAT), including: hotel stay, breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea, transfers between GD Animal Health and the hotel, transfer to ATCI. 


The training will take place at two locations:

GD Animal Health, Arnsbergstraat 7, 7400 AA Deventer, the Netherlands
Aeres Training Centre, Barnseweg 3, 3771 RN Barneveld, the Netherlands

Apply here

Application form

Apply here

Application deadline:
March 4, 2019


Any questions? Feel free to contact us for more information!


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