Webinar: How to cope with Coccidiosis problems in broilers?


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Webinar: How to cope with Coccidiosis problems in broilers?


Together with MS Schippers we will host the webinar 'How to cope with Coccidiosis problems in broilers'? The webinar will take place on Wednesday May 13th. Participation is free of charge. 

Colleague Rogier van Leeuwen and Thomas Mallens (MS Schippers, Hycare) discuss the impact of coccidiosis problems and how to manage these.

Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease caused by the Eimeria species and causes damage in the gut of the chicken. All poultry flocks will face a challenge with coccidia. The goal of Coccidiosis control is to lower the pressure in the flock and surrounding, so the impact is minimized and controlled. In this webinar we will further discuss the impact and solutions regarding coccidiosis. Costs of coccidiosis are most times hidden. How to prevent big infestation but also how to cope with a direct big infection.

Controlling coccidiosis is a year-round plan for broiler farms, otherwise, it may become a constant wave of infections through the farm. Diagnosis, planning, and control on coccidiosis brings structure, predictability, and therefore more value.

You van rewatch previous webinars on post-weaning diarrhea and Salmonella problems in broilers online.

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