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In 2019, GD Animal Health (GD) celebrates her 100th anniversary. During this special year, GD has planned several (scientific) activities together with the European Veterinary Conference Voorjaarsdagen. We are proud to offer you the following program during the 'Voorjaarsdagen'.

Wednesday April 10 - Small Ruminant Conference at GD* 

On Wednesday April 10, 2019 GD organises a special conference on small ruminant health management. Piet Vellema, Karianne Lievaart-Peterson, Sander Prins, and René van den Brom offer residents of the ECSRHM the opportunity to give a presentation on a subject of choice. To qualify for a presentation, send an abstract of your presentation to René van den Brom before March 15, 2019. Your abstract submission needs to be between 100-200 words. Also, we encourage other veterinarians to submit an abstract and to present some recent work on small ruminant health.

The first speakers for this day are already announced; dr. Piet Vellema, Sander Prins (DVM resident ECSHRM), Mark van der Heijde (DVM resident ECSHRM). Are you the next speaker on this list? Send your application to René van den Brom.

In the morning, there is a guided tour through the recently renovated GD laboratory, one of the largest veterinary laboratories in Europe. After lunch you are going to visit a large dairy goat farm near Deventer. The Dutch dairy goat industry has changed enormously in the last decades, and it will be an unique opportunity to walk around with the farm manager and specialists and discuss the challenges in goat health. After the farm trip, dinner will be served at GD. This day will be free of charge due to our 100th anniversary. Transport, lunch, dinner and drinks are included.

Thursday April 11 - Small Ruminant Conference at Voorjaarsdagen 

Together with the European Veterinary Conference Voorjaarsdagen**, the small ruminant group of GD planned a conference with the theme “Another century of small ruminant health challenges” which will be held on Thursday April 11, 2019 in Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands).We are very happy to announce that Neil Sargison, Snorre Stuen, Inge Santman-Berends, Daan Dercksen, René van den Brom, Piet Vellema and Christianne Bruschke (Chief Veterinary Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands) will participate and present a paper on nematodes and liver fluke, ticks and the dairy goat industry. More information about the speakers

Other topics to be discussed are: severe outbreaks of diseases like foot- and mouth disease, bluetongue, Schmallenberg, zoonotic challenges like Q fever, the role of (big) data in the sheep and goat industry in relation to health issues, and an overview on all these topics from a political point of view. The complete program is available at the Voorjaarsdagen website.

Friday April 12 - Unique farm visits on the Isle of Texel

After two days of conference, we would like to offer our guests from abroad an additional outdoor activity: sheep farm visits on the Isle of Texel. On Friday April 12, you travel from The Hague by bus to Den Helder, and take the ferry to the Isle of Texel. Before lunch we are visiting a Texel sheep farm with a lambing season from the end of February until April. After lunch you are going to visit a dairy sheep farm with Frisians. In the afternoon there is dinner at a beach house on the Isle of Texel.

We intend to bring you back to The Hague (or Amsterdam Schiphol) afterwards. Piet Vellema and René van den Brom will be your tour guides. Depending on the number of participants, we expect that this day will cost approximately 150 euros (this includes transport by bus and boat, lunch and dinner).


If you have any questions, please contact René van den Brom

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