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How to submit samples from non-EU countries?

Please always inform Royal GD before submitting samples in order to obtain the documents necessary and to get you aligned with the persons involved in submitting samples to guide you through your sample submission. Please contact GD by e-mail at support@gdanimalhealth.com.

Import permit non-EU countries 

GD has an import permit which allows us to receive sample material from non-EU countries for all animal species, however we still have to comply with some regulations:

  • The import of the consignment shall take place by way of airplane through border inspection post Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The consignment needs to be pre-announced (before arrival of the goods) by means of a Commun Veterinary Document of Entry (CVED) at Custom Office Post Schiphol Cargo Centre. 
  • At arrival at Amsterdam Schiphol airport each consignment needs to be inspected by an official veterinarian of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and needs to be accompanied by a copy of the import permit and an original document that mentions the nature, the quantity and the origin of the product. The official veterinarian certifies a copy of the document. This certified copy together with a copy of the import permit have to accompany the consignment during transport and until arrival at the place of destination.
  • On both the inner and outer packaging the name, the address and the phone number of the consigner as well as the consignee need to be mentioned well readable and visible. The package needs to be decent, leakage free and resistant to breakage, pressure, shock or other circumstances that may occur during transportation. It must be clear that it concerns sample material for scientific purposes. 
  • After arrival and approval at Amsterdam Schiphol airport the consignment needs to be transported immediately and directly to the importer, GD in Deventer.

Exceptions (no import permit needed)

According to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority there are a few exceptions when no import permit is needed.

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, purified proteins, cell lines from animal cells, cells of animal origin, and samples of RNA and DNA may be sent without a permit, provided that they will:

  • only be used for research purposes in a laboratory having obtained permission
  • not be infectious and pathogenic, and do not carrier pathogens
This should be followed by the manufacturer, declared in writing. The written statement must be there if customs or the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority requests this. This also applies to microscopic preparations of animal tissue and material fixed in formalin, irradiated or treated in any other way so that potential pathogens present have been inactivated. Also, ready-to-use laboratory reagents and in-vitro diagnostics can be imported without permit.

In some cases there is one more option. Some analysis can be done by submitting FTA cards (only PCR and sequencing possibilities). These FTA’s may be send by mail without any import permit or other requested documents (except for the submission form for the lab staff).  Ask for the possibilities by contacting GD by e-mail at labservices@gdanimalhealth.com

OIE status

GD is allowed to receive samples from outside the EU but there are a few more restrictions. Unfortunately one of them is that when notifiable diseases like AI or NCD are mentioned on the OIE list with a positive status for the country where the samples are originating form, GD cannot receive these samples. (This does not apply for submitting FTA cards, see exception part)


Please be informed that submitting samples from a non-EU country with import permit will lead to additional costs of approximately 750 euros per submission. This is excluding the shipment itself or the requested analysis.
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