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Submitting from EU or non-EU countries

Please find the available documents used for submitting samples below. You can find our instructions in the column 'Submitting samples instructions' on the right. If the submitted samples do not comply with the import procedures, we are not allowed to accept and process the samples. If you have any queries about submitting samples, please contact us.

If it is the first time you will submit samples to us, please register yourself as a new customer by filling in this form:

What document(s) do I need?

Submitting from EU countries

Option 1: Submitting samples (e.g. swab, serum, tissue, milk, faeces) from EU countries
Please fill out the following documents. 
• Submission form including commercial document             

Please attach the original forms to the package.

Option 2: Submitting FTA cards from EU countries
Please fill out the submission form and attach it to the package.

Submitting from non-EU countries 

Option 1: Submitting samples (e.g. swab, serum, tissue, milk, faeces) from non-EU countries
If you wish to submit samples, please send your request and address details by email. Within two days, Royal GD will contact you to arrange the transport of the samples. More information

Option 2: Submitting samples for Cytology/Pathology analysis and FTA cards from non-EU countries
Please fill out the submission form and attach it to the package. 

Please pay extra attention to the following:

  • If the way the samples are sent in does not comply with the import procedure, we are not allowed to accept and process them. There will be no possibility of returning these samples.
  • Consignee is responsible for checking if an import/export permit is needed.
  • If you have any queries about submitting samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samples may be submitted to the following address:

Royal GD
Attn. CMD
Rigastraat 25
7418 EW Deventer
The Netherlands


T. +31 (0)88 20 25 575

Fill in the form

Submitting samples using FTA cards

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