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Royal GD offers laboratories the possibility to participate in international proficiency testing schemes. We can also set up proficiency testing schemes for third parties or in cooperation with third parties. GD is continuously developing new proficiency testing schemes. Please consult the PTS time schedule to find all important dates for the upcoming PTS.


Why participate

There are many good reasons to participate in proficiency testing schemes:

  1. Evaluating the performance of the laboratory
  2. Maintaining/achieving accreditation to ISO 17025
  3. Providing additional confidence
  4. Identifying inter-laboratory differences
  5. Identifying problems

How does it work? 

Proficiency testing schemes (PTS) are based on defined sets of highly characterised test materials. These sets are simultaneously sent to participating laboratories for analysis. The test results are collected and analysed against the results of all participants and the intended result in order to determine the capability of a participating laboratory to conduct a diagnostic test and produce correct results. The PTS process contains the following steps:

  1. Application – you can apply for a PTS via this online application form. If you have previously participated in a PTS, you will also receive a personalised invitation via email.
  2. Samples – you will receive a set of coded samples and details about sample volumes, together with instructions on storage and how to report your results.
  3. Analysis – the samples should be tested under normal routine test conditions. The sample volumes will be sufficient to perform the required tests in duplicate.
  4. Reporting your findings – you will receive an email with a personalised link to the online results form. You will also receive a login and password to enter the form and report your results online.
  5. Statistical analysis – within a PTS, the precision and accuracy are calculated; i.e. inter-lab reproducibility as well as intra-lab reproducibility (at a minimum of 6 participants using the same test kit). Not applicable for PTS Bacteriology.
  6. Final report and certificate – after participating in a PTS you will receive a final report via email stating your coded results as compared to the other participants and a certificate stating your participation in the PTS.
  7. Confidentiality – you will be provided with a unique and confidential code. All results will be reported using this code, so you can easily verify your results and discreetly compare them to others.


For the organisation of most of the proficiency schemes for antibody detection and molecular biology (registration number R016 Prof. Testing) GD has been accredited according to NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

Various aspects of the proficiency testing scheme can from time to time be subcontracted. When subcontracting occurs, it is placed with a competent subcontractor and the proficiency testing provider is responsible for this work.

PTS Product overviews

We have proficiency testing schemes for cattle, poultry, pigs and other animals such as companion animals and small ruminants. On the product pages you will find an overview of the proficiency tests and the information sheets for each test.

Replay PTS webinar

'PTS: a quality control to ensure reliable results for your customers'

On April 20th 2022 our Senior Scientist Sjaak de Wit hosted the PTS webinar about how proficiency testing works and why you should participate. The replay of the webinar is now available.

More information and useful links


GD offers a wide range of antigens, monospecific antisera and positive control sera, carefully selected to give optimum results in laboratory tests. These Diagnostics are produced in our own facilities and are also used in the Proficiency testing schemes.

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