Transport conditions for samples


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Transport conditions for samples

General instructions

All samples have to be packed properly (3 layers of packaging) during transport (see packing instruction and transport instruction). Identify all samples and fill out and enclose our submission form to the shipment (packaging material and labels can be purchased at GD Animal Health). In case of shipments from non-EU countries, please contact us for additional information because of longer transport-time due to customs clearance.

Blood or serum samples

We prefer to receive blood samples, which we will centrifuge in our laboratory, or serum samples in deep-well blocks. Eppendorf tubes are less convenient to handle in our laboratory.


  • Fill the tubes ¾ full with blood.
  • Keep the tubes at room temperature for about an hour.
  • For haematological testing, please turn the tube 5 times (do not shake).
  • During transport, keep the tubes at a temperature between 4–20/25 degrees Celsius.
  • Blood samples have to arrive within 3–4 days after sampling in our laboratory. Otherwise test results may be influenced.


  • Centrifuge the blood samples at 2500 G for 10 minutes.
  • Serum samples can be stored at 2–8 degrees Celsius for one week.
  • Storage for longer periods can be done at a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Transport of serum samples: advisable to send it by cooled transport (4 degrees Celsius) or with dry ice.


For bacteriology testing:

  • The sample has to be delivered within 24 hours after sampling.
  • Use sterile water pots.
  • Take samples from both the start and the end of the watering system.
  • Add information about where the sample was taken and describe the kind of problems.
  • Submit the sample by cooled transport (4 degrees Celsius).

For chemical testing:

  • Use sterile water pots.
  • Take samples from both the start and the end of the watering system.
  • It is advisable to submit the sample by cooled transport (4 degrees Celsius). 


T. +31 (0)88 20 25 575

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Transport instructions 

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